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GUIDED Business Plan™


book + classroom training materials

We help you get the “gear” you need to become ready for the opportunities that are lurking outside your door. Develop the tools you need to generate revenue (press release, website content, job description, etc.) while writing your business plan.


The GUIDED Business Plan™ | Gear Up edition will help you become customer-ready as you write your business plan. The eight independent projects will result in a business plan PLUS a media kit, customer focus groups, expense, sales and pricing estimates, marketing strategies, and pitch practice. It is our most comprehensive approach to writing a business plan while creating the essentials to grow a company. 



Main Projects in the Gear Up edition

Purpose Plan

Media Kit

Focus Group

Customer Acquisition

Operations Plan

Sales Plan

Financial Plan

The Ask


As a bonus, you will receive the following digital files to save even more time!

  • GBP Style Sheet
  • One-Page Layout
  • GUIDED Budget
  • GUIDED Sales Sheet
  • GUIDED Talking Points
  • Investor Summary
  • Wrap-Up Presentation
  • GUIDED Resource Links


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Things to keep in mind...

Description | |~200 pages, color cover/black inside, coil binding

Retail Price: $69.95 | Discounts are available for not-for-profit organizations

Shipping Cost: $5.95 | Depending on printing time, you can start using the book within 5 to 10 business days.

Personalization | Add a Custom Back Cover for $125 to see your advertisement on the back cover of the book.


“I have run my business for the past ten years with the mentality of a solopreneur. I trade my time and expertise for money as a marketing consultant. After participating in Melanie’s class, I had a better understanding of the opportunities that could transition me from self-employed to a business owner. I met with her several times after the session where she listened and kept asking questions that showed me that I already had my answers. I launched a lead generation digital platform for doctors with specialized practices. I transformed my branding consultancy to target emerging small businesses focusing on global markets. I continue to consult with Melanie for new ideas and low cost ways to compete with larger companies. Her insightful questions are helping me diversify my revenue."

E. Chen, Entrepreneur


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Audiences for the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Gear Up book:

Business planning programs at Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Women’s Business Centers (WBCs), Microlenders, Microenterprise Centers, municipal Economic Development Departments, Community Colleges – Business Planning & Entrepreneurship, Universities – Introductory Business Management Courses

Individual Entrepreneurs: start-ups (already launched), pre-venture (thinking about it), existing (1-5 years old) 


Return Policy | All sales are final. Great care is taken to remove typos and grammatical errors. While rare, a book may be printed incorrectly and we will gladly replace the book upon receipt of a picture of the error. 



$69.95 USD