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GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale

A BOOK/LICENSE to help established small businesses scale up. Book accompanies a multi-week course where small business leaders meet to devise solutions to their challenges.


The GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale focuses on what business owners have achieved to date and how to evaluate options to create a bigger impact. Through in-class discussions and interactive Action Items, owners learn how to streamline their operations to stimulate job growth and expansion.

The course is taught in a collaborative environment where owners share their best practices and support each other as they create new strategies. The 200+ page GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale workbook serves as an investigative journal. In the course of answering the questions, owners discover how to increase revenue and operate more efficiently.


This edition accompanies a licensed Facilitator Training Package. Please contact us at 888.523.5244 to inquire about ordering the package and books.

Digital | Purchasers may request the electronic GUIDED Business Plan | Build to Scale toolkit which includes files to format a growth plan as well as online resources. Toolkit Files: GBP Style Sheet (Growth Plan), GUIDED Financial Projections™ for Microenterprises, GUIDED Resource Links, New Strategies Presentation, GUIDED Marketing Tactics, GUIDED Sales Funnel, and One-Page Growth Plan  (downloads)

Specifications | 260-pages, color cover/black inside, coil

Price | $69.95 (min. qty. = 5) | Discounts are available for not-for-profit organizations. Please click Classroom Orders to submit an order.

Return Policy | All sales are final. Great care is taken to remove typos and grammatical errors. While rare, a book may be printed incorrectly and we will gladly replace the book upon receipt of a picture of the error. 


Audiences for the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale book:

Strategic planning programs at Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Women’s Business Centers (WBCs), municipal Economic Development departments, and Microenterprise Centers.


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The GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale edition is only available with a license.

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Not-For-Profit Organizations:

Host GUIDED Business Plan™ workshops at your location and save up to 30% on select GUIDED Business Plan™ books. Order books via the Classroom Orders page or call 888.523.5244. 


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