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Solopreneur Zen: Strategy Not Stress combats negative feelings of isolation and desperation with a 60-minute strategy session with other solopreneurs who are experiencing similar challenges.

With Solopreneur Zen, you have a chance to prepare for situations that may block progress. If attracting new clients is a hurdle, you can spend 60-minutes with a group to tailor proven marketing strategies that work for your budget. If you are ready to grow with larger contracts, you can learn how not to turn off a potential buyer.

Picture a cooking class where all participants receive a recipe for a dish they want to make. Some will test it immediately and report back the outcome in a group forum. Others will keep the recipe bookmarked for when they are ready. A smaller number will just observe content that they have the information to use when needed.


Solopreneur Zen is like that. Affordable how-to sessions that feel more like group counseling sessions.


Enhance your 60-minute class with a printed GUIDED Business Plan™ book; access to a private, moderated forum; and personal feedback from the facilitator.


Our current class titles:

3 Tools to Earn Higher Value Clients

Who is the Easiest Customer to Sell To?

Am I Ready to Have All of the Answers?

I Want to Start. Not Sure What.

Capability Statements - where to start?


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