Supplier Diversity

Prepare diverse suppliers to reach your 2017-2018 spend goals!


At a typical business matchmaking event, the small business owner standing in front of your Supplier Diversity exhibit table has potential. So much potential. But you know it will take a lot of your time to help them understand the diligence required to pursue contracts with your company. Never mind the challenges of getting certified and the fortitude to connect with your prime contractors. You pass them your brochure not knowing if they will do the next steps: register in your database, complete the lengthy process to become certified, build relationships with your business outreach team, etc. Perhaps you are wondering if this career-fair style of business matchmaking is the most effective way to recruit more qualified but disadvantaged small business owners to your supplier pipeline.


The GUIDED Sub-Contracting Plan™ book and Path to Primes™ program fixes what is inefficient with spending 5 minutes with hundreds of candidates and only ending up with a handful of diverse suppliers who can bid on contracts. It is an informal collaboration between your corporate/government/municipal entity, local technical assistance centers, and disadvantaged business owners who have a track record of success with their customers.


Extend your business outreach by helping small businesses understand and prepare for the bidding process independently prior to in-person meetings with your internal staff.