Our Praise

The GUIDED approach is making a national impact...read testimonies


“We have very little attrition. GUIDED Business Plan™ has been wildly successful. The demand is unexpected. We are expanding into other neighborhoods with the program.” -G. Matemba-Mutasa, Director, Women’s Business Center, WomenVenture | MINNESOTA [GBP Note: they had a 2-month waiting list and needed to add another cycle]

“Before GUIDED Business Plan, we were at the mercy of our consultants who brought their own curriculum. If they wanted to charge more or leave the program, we had to find someone else to not only teach, but to also have their own format and handouts. Now, we have a consistent curriculum where we can measure the impact among our clients as well as the capabilities of our consultants who serve as instructors. This is a terrific program. We are really pleased.” - T. Elhaddaoui, former CEO, The Edge Connection | GEORGIA

Guided Business Plan schedules time during the session for the participants to actually write their executive summary, which our existing Core Four curriculum does not. The Who/What/When etc. basic style of questions takes the intimidation out of writing a business plan and makes the course accessible for clients at different levels of business sophistication. The case study example woven throughout the presentation models the "how to" of turning short phrase answers into paragraphs. The presentation has a modern feel to it and is graphically appealing. As a former educator, I see how easily multiple staff can be trained to facilitate this class, giving us flexibility in scheduling center personnel and classes.” - K. Hungerford, former Program Manager, META WBC | IDAHO

“I came down to audit the GUIDED Business Plan™ [Military CEO] class at the WOVEN entrepreneur organization here and I had a complete epiphany just doing the first worksheet about describing my business and how I can expand it. I have had a [part-time] small business for close to 20-year part-time years. I now have a full realization of how I can grow and expand it to make it even more sustainable. I hope everyone comes and has as great experience as I did today. Thank you so much.” - S. English, Director of Programs and Operation, CAMEO | CALIFORNIA

“I value her accelerated learning approach! The process asks great questions. She will brand your logos right in the work book – and any sponsors also.” - M. Laverty, Western State Colorado | COLORADO [GBP Note: The books may be used to promote your organization.]

“I think the method is brilliant! It gets students over the fear of beginning the writing process.”  - G. Marciano, former WBC Boston Program Manager, Center for Women & Enterprise | MASSACHUSETTS

"A client was in my office asking questions about what goes into a business plan. Right off the top I opened the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Starter book and went right down the list. The book is very informative." -M. Ames, Director of Operations, Maryland Enterprise Capital | MARYLAND

“These days anything that simplifies and supports is a slam dunk! Melanie’s GUIDED Business Plan™ training/workshop is exactly what busy professionals/entrepreneurs need to navigate the Business Plan process –it’s a compass in what can be a confusing process!” -R. Dahl, Executive Director, CEDA Counselor | NEVADA


“I have taught several business plan sessions at the CWE and since we started using the GUIDED Business Plan book, students have completed more of their plan. I think it is a much better tool to use for CWE's Business Planning classes than the one they currently use which is full of lots of information but doesn't help the students really get through the process. I’m glad that it’s easy to re-order books.” -C. Johnson, Author and Professor | MASSACHUSETTS

Anyone who creates a plan with this book would definitely stand out. With the right credit score and character, they most likely would get the loan.” - J. Duncan, Vice President, Commercial Lending | CALIFORNIA

“The GUIDED Business Plan book is outstanding. It's so easy to use. I wish more applicants were prepared with a business plan of this level.” -A. Davidson, Former 1st Vice President, Comerica Bank | CALIFORNIA