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GUIDED Business Plan | Military CEO

Business plan book for veteran-owned businesses

The creators of the national training platform GUIDED Business Plan™ designed a peer-based training workshop for the men and women of the United States armed forces. Our veterans entrepreneurship training program -- GUIDED Business Plan™ | Military CEO -- is a step-by-step action plan to outline their business goals; to understand the required resource; and to connect with support organizations to make their process easier.


“I came down to audit the GUIDED Business Plan™ [Military CEO] class at the WOVEN entrepreneur organization here and I had a complete epiphany just doing the first worksheet about describing my business and how I can expand it. I have had a [part-time] small business for close to 20-year part-time years. I now have a full realization of how I can grow and expand it to make it even more sustainable. I hope everyone comes and has as great experience as I did today. Thank you so much.”
Shufina E. CAMEO, March 29, 2016


With pre-planning, participants can decrease the debt, frayed relationships and 18-hour days of stress that usually accompany the trial and error method. The accompanying 52-page GUIDED Business Plan™ | Military CEO booklet and electronic tools provide a framework to create a business plan to attract buy-in from partners, supporters, lenders and investors.


Business Development Centers: Teach a Class for Military Business Owners

Invite U.S. military veterans, national guard and military spouses to attend workshops and watch their business ideas blossom into businesses that make a difference in their community.

The hit TV show Shark Tank® has launched turned a few start-ups with military background into multi-million dollar businesses. Your business development center or program can use our entrepreneur curriculum for veterans: GUIDED Business Plan™ | Military CEO to support the millions of veterans, active duty national guard, and spouses as they grow their new or existing company. 

GUIDED Business Plan | Military CEO Book Excerpt (Marketing Chapter)

Business course for veterans who are entrepreneurs


“Men and women who dedicate themselves to serve the United States are revered for their sacrifice, commitment and fortitude. How will your life story leave a memorable impression? A company’s story often differentiates its products and services from similar businesses. How are you going to let your potential customers know about your story?

It may help to start by building a network. What professional organizations can you join to build camaraderie with other entrepreneurs and industry professionals? Example organizations are Vets in Tech or Vets in Film.

Check out your local business associations who may have special interest groups like the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce’s Military Veterans Commerce Committee.

Start the foundation of your marketing plan with the traditional 4 Ps. PRODUCT: what will you highlight when you introduce and promote your product and service? PRICE: how does your price attract certain customers? PLACE: where is your product/service available? PROMOTION: how do you tell multiple groups of people about your company?”

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Military CEO edition

A Vet Cohort Circles course based on the Military CEO book is designed as a post Boots-to-Business program to support service members apply the theory. They will write and test their ideas as they transition to veteran owned businesses.


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