Digital Downloads

Our GUIDED Business Plan™ books may come with digital files to help you organize your thoughts. If you purchased a book directly through our site, you may request the electronic toolkit by emailing us:

GUIDED Sub-Contracting Plan™ | SUBtoolkit
GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO | FTCtoolkit
GUIDED Business Plan™ | Military CEO | MCtoolkit
GUIDED Business Plan™ | Millennial Start-Up | MCtoolkit
GUIDED Business Plan™ | Tech Pitch | TPtoolkit
GUIDED Business Plan™ | Founders Forum | FFtoolkit

Please email us by adding the name of the toolkit in front of

If you are taking a course at a center, please contact your Program Administrator or class Facilitator as your documents may be customized.

GUIDED Business Plan™ books help you build your business confidence by asking the questions may not have thought about. Develop your strategic plan in the company of your fellow entrepreneurs. Contact your local SBDC or WBC to request a GUIDED Business Plan™ class or let us know your location via the comments form.

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Jewelry business plan

“I become more focused with this phenomenal program!”

-Michelle Cauley | Founder, McCauley & Associates, (owner of a 10-year old business)

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