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“I’m an entrepreneur!”


This is how I used to introduce myself shorty after cutting the corporate cord. I soon realized that I sounded naïve at networking events because an entrepreneur is not what you do. It’s who one is.


There are millions of known and undiscovered entrepreneurs in the U.S. who will change local communities and impact households. Whether it is for the better (a sustainable business) or worse (debt-drive failure), depends on the level of pre-planning prior to launching a new initiative.


I developed the GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform over a NUMBER of years as a sort of interview for business owners embarking on a new phase of their entrepreneur journey. I wrote as if I were sharing my experience to someone in the 1,100+ classes I have taught. It is a practical guide for under-funded businesses to realize what they need to make “it” happen before they run out of options.


As an entrepreneur educator, I invite you to combine your experience and my GUIDED Business Plan™ training materials to inspire your clients to build their business with a GUIDED approach.


~Melanie Rae, Founder + Author, Guided Business Plan