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GUIDED Sessions - Marketing Toolbox for Small Business Consultants

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Build credibility in order to attract more clients to your small business consultancy

Small business coaches, consultants and advisors! Incorporate GUIDED Sessions into your small business coaching or consulting practice to develop more lucrative relationships with your clients.

Use the proven GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform to enhance your credibility, differentiate your services and increase your billable hours.


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We spent five years developing the GUIDED Business Plan™ program which has inspired thousands of new and existing entrepreneurs to build their companies with a strategic action plan. As a small business consultant/coach, you can use our system with your clients to enhance your signature consulting program. Keep your clients engaged and give them multiple reasons to return for one-on-one strategy sessions. 

The GUIDED Business Plan™ | GUIDED Sessions package includes step-by-step guidance, digital tools and a marketing vehicle to increase your brand exposure. We designed a toolkit specifically for coaches/consultants who work with companies that have fewer than 50 employees. The GUIDED Sessions | Content for Business Consultants package includes:

  • best practices to help you identify your ideal consulting client
  • sales goals visioning activity
  • small business websites to recommend to your clients
  • action items for your clients to complete prior to your consulting sessions
  • editable action items calendar to plan advising sessions
  • digital tools to use during consulting sessions
  • and five personalized GUIDED Business Plan™ books with your advertisement on the back cover (hard-copy, 52-pages) – additional books are sold at the retail price

Marketing materials for small business consultants!

Select one of our printed GUIDED Business Plan™ editions based on your clients:

PRE-VENTURE AND START-UPS | GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO edition to help your “chief everything officer” clients launch with a strong foundation.

$150K TO $500K BUSINESSES | GUIDED Business Plan™ | Founders Forum edition to help them determine their growth challenges to increase sales and decrease expenses.

SMALL BUSINESS CONTRACTORS | the GUIDED Sub-Contracting Plan™ to explain how to pursue government contracting and corporate projects in a linear format. It simplifies what is needed to become certified as an MBE/WBE/DBE/DVSOB/etc.


Build long-lasting relationships with new and existing business owners!

Small Business Consultants - invest $445 in your coaching/consulting practice by ordering the GUIDED Sessions – Content for Business Consultants package

It’s the key benefits that will grow your business immediately:

  • Increase your billable hours by giving your clients a reason to return to you for strategic advice
  • Improve your credibility by using our guide to ask the right questions
  • Build your signature program with our personalized books
  • Expand your brand awareness with an advertisement on the back cover of the GUIDED Business Plan™  book—word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective promotional tools
  • Save 20% off the retail price when you re-order your books with your personalized back cover


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