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What’s with all the nature and hiking pictures?

A guide on a mountain trail or a tour guide on a safari can help a new traveler avoid treacherous areas and lead them to phenomenal experiences. Our GUIDED approach to business planning matches business owners with expertise to help them prepare the gear they need for the next phase of their entrepreneur journey.


How do you get to your goals faster? Plan with peers.

When you grab another aspiring entrepreneur (friend, co-worker at current job, family member) and commit to working on your plan together, you now have someone who is in your corner to cheer you on. Our founder, Melanie Rae, knows first-hand the difficulty of trying to do everything yourself. She started her first company without a plan and a budget which meant she had to be very creative to get by.

After years of writing in-depth plans for other businesses, she simplified the process to take the sting out of writing a business plan for time-strapped entrepreneurs. She also devised a social way for new and existing entrepreneurs to strategize their growth ideas with the support of fellow entrepreneurs. During the past fifteen plus years, she has taught over 1,100 classes software classes to adults and knows how to adapt content to connect with diverse learners.


Guided Business Plan is an entrepreneur education firm that publishes the GUIDED Business Plan™ books (ten different editions) and develops Facilitator Training Packages for classroom learning.


Unlike business plan software, we bring the social aspect back to the classroom. Group discussions foster networking and idea sharing. Participants write their business plan in class –at least a draft of it. Business development centers choose us for consistent yet flexible live classes at their location led by their facilitators.

Small business development centers (SBDCs), women’s business centers (WBCs), microlenders and similar groups license the national GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform that includes workbooks, handouts and presentations to teach new and existing business owners.

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Melanie Rae started Guided Business Plan in 2009 out of her home in Los Angeles. She is the author the national GUIDED Business Plan™ training program. Business development centers in more than fourteen states use our materials to inspire new and existing entrepreneurs. Virtually meet Melanie Rae.


Business Planning Guides...for Diverse Entrepreneurs!

GUIDED Business Plan books simplify business planning

New business owners often have the same questions:

Which small business should I start?
Where do I find help starting a business?
Which business plan course is best for me?
How do I prepare for an SBA business plan?

For steps to start a business, we recommend the GUIDED Business Plan™ book editions: First Time CEO or Military CEO or Millennial Start-Up.


Existing business owners often struggle with questions like:

How do I get over growth challenges?
How do I position my small business for growth?
How do I apply for government and corporate contracts?

For ideas to grow a business, we recommend the GUIDED Business Plan™ book editions: Founders Forum or Build to Scale or Gear Up or Guided Sub-Contracting Plan™.


The GUIDED Sub-Contracting Plan™ presents the process to prepare for government contracts and corporate proposals in a linear format. It simplifies it for microenterprises.


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