Connections with our Clients

"The GUIDED Business Plan™ book conveys information in layman's terms. It is very intuitive. Very clear. People love using your books."

-Edwidge LaFleur, WBC Director, Center for Women & Enterprise


"The retention rate is unbelievable. I thought we would have a 50% drop out by the 9th session--the halfway point--but we still have 100%. Participants are learning about their business and supporting each other."

-Gertrude Matemba-Mutasa, Director, WBC



RISE and The Jonas Project during pilot GUIDED Business Plan class

“I’m Teri Kelsall with The Jonas Project. Today in class, it was just magical because the interaction that took place with veterans around the table was so natural. They just started talking with each other and helping each other. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”

-Teri Kelsall, co-founder, The Jonas Project




“These days anything that simplifies and supports is a slam dunk! Melanie’s GUIDED Business Plan™ training/workshop is exactly what busy professionals/entrepreneurs need to navigate the Business Plan process –it’s -a compass in what can be a confusing process!”

-Rachel Dahl, Executive Director, CEDA Counselor, Reno, NEVADA SBDC



"A client was in my office asking questions about what goes into a business plan. Right off the top I opened the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Starter book and went right down the list. The book is very informative."

-Maurice Ames, Director of Operations, Maryland Enterprise Capital 


WBDC's Scale Up headline


"We have not received a negative comment about the book. It forces the conversation and interaction. The best learning happens when the facilitator shuts up and they answer the questions."

-Judy Dawson, Former WBDC Scale Up Director regarding pilot course in 2015


Current WBDC Scale Up Director, Terrie Simmons discusses the expansion of their Scale Up program based on the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale book with Comcast Newsmakers.


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