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We are Guided Business Plan. we simplify business planning.
Biz Dev Ctrs

Partner with us to offer diverse, peer-based business development training.

Our Partners
    • SBDCs
    • WBCs
    • PTAC & VBOCs
    • Micro Lenders
Biz Owners

Our books are like an interview to help you discover what you need to grow!

Our Users
    • Small Business Owners
    • Pre-Venture/Start-Up
    • Baby Boomers
    • Veterans
Biz Programs

Foster entrepreneurship at your location with a proven curriculum.

Our Partners
    • Banks/Lenders
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Not-for-Profit Orgs.
    • Entrepreneur Education

Our Books

Order books for  peer-based business planning

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Small Businesses Run the World

Are home-based businesses
of U.S. payroll is paid by sm biz
Are owned by a solopreneur
survive past five years

how we partner with business development centers to support small businesses

Personalized Books
Extend your marketing with branded booklets – include messaging from your directors or sponsors.
Customized Training
Create a custom course without spending hundreds of hours–we tailor our content to your program.
Facilitator Training Packages
Utilize our PowerPoint presentation decks and electronic tools to out-of-the-box training.
New Content
We become your outsourced curriculum designer developing new chapters or books based on requests .
Onsite Orientation
Save expenses and let us come to you – we lead a train-the-trainer orientation and get to know your staff.
Ongoing Support
With detailed Facilitator Guides and access to our team, it is easy to train your new workshop facilitators.

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CEO at Megasoft

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